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Skorpion Enterprises is a Texas based company committed to innovating and providing quality products that meet a broad range of needs for the Ham Radio and Truck Accessory markets.

The Skorpion SK1 is our flagship product. It was born out of need and purpose-built to provide an attractive but functional motorized lift to allow the owner to lay their larger HF antenna down in order to be able to access personal or parking garages. The lift can be actuated remotely by a switch that can be mounted inside the vehicle while in transit. Of the few motorized lifts available on the market, none provide the style, versatility or strength of the SK1. The 4x18 inch base is made to fit well on the bed side-rail of most pickup trucks and we offer several mounting adapters that will satisfy most applications. More options will be added as we get feedback from customers and potential customers how they would like to use the SK1 Lift.

We are currently working on ways to make the lift compatible with many bed and tonneau covers. If you have an application that you do not see covered here, us the Contact Us form or give us a call to discuss how we might help you and broaden our features. If you plan to use an antenna that is not listed in the options below, give us a call with the diameter and length of the lower part of your antenna and we can custom make the insert for your antenna at no additional cost.

While it is designed with Ham HF antennas in mind, it could be adapted for use in RV applications as well. We'd love to hear from you how you setup your lift. Drop us an email or send pictures for our gallery.

We are committed 100% to building products in the USA built from materials sourced from USA manufacturers.

See the SK1 Motorized Lift in Action!